The Dubuis bond consists of two parts pre-assembled in the factory :
  • A stainless steel dowel
  • A tinned copper bushing (this bushing forms the expandable part of the bond)
With its « blind » setting concept, all operations (drilling, setting and tightening) are carried out on the same side of the rail. Therefore, the connection can be made in almost every case : blind hole, double connection, side rail, expansion device, etc.
The permanent and high mechanical stresses on the electrical contact areas allow the rail bond to be set regardless of the climatic conditions.
The traction force during setting causes the bushing to expand radially, resulting in a perfect contact between the dowel / bushing / rail. The contact remains permanent through taper wedging and hence, contributes to connection reliability over time.
As parts are pre-assembled in factory, it is impossible to transpose or omit them during fitting, thereby ensuring that they are fitted correctly.
Therefore, as fitting is simple, it can be easily automated, which means that workshop can be kitted out with Point Crossing type Glued Insulated Block Joints, Expansion joints, Switches, etc. …
The rail bond fitting function : threaded dowel and nut made completely from stainless-steel, with anti-seizing protection, on the nut. It remains possible to disassemble the connection over time. The electrical function is provided by a tin-plated copper bushing, the malleability and conductivity of which provide an optimum electrical connection between the lug and the rail.
Installation is possible without interrupting traffic, using the different types of rail bond setting tools.
During rail bond setting, neither the rail or the rail bond are subjected to any impacts.
Through the advantages procured by its rail bonds, Dubuis has provided solutions for the connection reliability, so that the regularity of traffic on all rail networks equipped with his concept is considerably improved.