Our commitments to our customers, our employees and our planet

At Dubuis, we are commited to providing our customers with sustainable and quality products, while constantly improving the conditions of our employees and reducing our impact on the environment. 

To our customers

  • ISO 9001 and EN 9100 certified
  • Our metrological park

To our employees

  • Commited to ISO 45 001 certification
  • Design and develop workstations with the participation of our employees

To our planet

  • ISO 14 001 certified
  • Comply with REACH, RoHS, Conflict Mineral requirements
  • « Zéro Waste To Landfill » approach 0 landfill
  • « Carbon Positive » going beyond carbon neutrality
       Certificats ISO 9001 et EN9100

Our commitments to our customers

In addition to ISO9001, which covers all types of markets, Dubuis alsohas the EN9100 aeronautical certification, which allows it to apply and comply with high standards in terms of quality and traceability .

Metrological park

2000 measuring instruments are used by our production and metrology teams to monitor the conformity of all our manufactured and purchased products. Allowing us to go from dimensional inspection, verification of geometric tolerances to material conformity, tratment and surface finish, here are some examples of our ressources:

  • Three-dimensional measuring machine 
  • Hardness machine
  • Rougness meters
  • Measurement column
  • Profile projector
  • Surface treatment thickness measurement
  • Micrometers, calipers, rings and threaded / smooth buffers

Three-dimensional measuring machine

Hardness machine

Measurement column

Optical comparator

Our commitments to our employees

Ensuring that its employees can work in the safest possible conditions, in a healthy environment that allows them to express themselves and participate, these are the main priorities of Dubuis’ strategic axes.

 OHSAS18001 certificate


Conception ergonomique d’un poste de travail​ 100%
« We are convicted that our employees are involved in improving thier working situation »

Our commitments to tour planet

Dubuis considers our planet to be a major player in the constitution of its own challenges. Limiting the emission of waste, sorting it, reducing its consumption, these are the missions that Dubuis sets itself on a dailty basis

ISO14001 Certificate