Management Representation Statement

Aware of the stakes related to the strong requirements of our technical and specific trade, responding to an ambition that we have for our customers, our company and its staff, DUBUIS has been engaged in a voluntarist approach of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Management since 2008. We consider that this tool is strategic for the company and guarantees our concerns in the achievement of our main objectives.

The requirements of our customers have always been a driving force in the continuous improvement of our QHSE Management System. We combine both the expressed requirements and the induced elements of the users in order to anticipate their needs.

In order to guarantee tomorrow, the control of our performances which are our strength today, I set as priority objectives :

  • Develop sales
  • Improving our overall performance
  • Improving our working conditions
  • Promote projects to reduce our environmental impact 

We are committed to providing the processes with the resources necessary for their operation and to monitoring their progress at regular meetings. Pilots take charge of managing their processes: they implement the quality, safety and environment policy at all levels of the company.

The Quality & HSE Manager is delegated to monitor the effectiveness of the specific management system integrated into EN9100.

The success of our approach is a necessity because the quality of our services today will determine our development tomorrow.