DUBUIS, SME since 1949, belongs to the Stanley Black&Decker group. It designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of hand and battery operated hydraulic tools for the markets of :

  • the electrical industry,
  • the railroad,
  • the sanitary,
  • aeronautics.

DUBUIS strives to manufacture “Made in France” tools and relies on its network of local subcontractors to give all the flexibility and reactivity to its production. The Research & Development and Production processes are integrated on the Blois site, ensuring the control of the know-how and the quality of the products. Recognized for its innovation capabilities, more than 1,000 customers trust it. DUBUIS distributes its tools in France but also to more than 35 countries in the world, through long-term partnerships. Established since 1949 in Blois, Loire Valley and castles, DUBUIS is located 1h30 south of Paris, accessible by the A10 motorway or by TGV.


  • 09/16/1949

    Creation of the company DUBUIS by Maurice DUBUIS. The only activity of the company is then the aeronautical subcontracting (caravel). The company quickly employs 15 employees.

  • 1970

    Takeover of the company by A. Courtois and JP. Huet. Diversification into other industrial sectors.

  • 1973

    Seeking to diversify the activity of DUBUIS. Participation in the 1st exhibition fair of Nantes.

  • 1975

    Launch of the 1st own product: Affutex 360
    Participation in the "Mondial de la Machine Outils".
    Move to 17 rue Jules Berthonneau 41000 Blois

  • 1980

    Always in its search for diversification, launching new products: trestle, hydraulic log splitter, meat peeling machines, derinding, tenderizing meat.
    Creation of the 1st design office DUBUIS : SEMA company

  • 1983

    Patent registration for the first hydraulic tool: the D30

  • 1984

    Birth of the electrochemical department following the meeting with Mr. Michaud. Reinforcement of the range of electrochemical machines, particularly in the automotive sector.

  • 1985

    Creation of two business areas: Dubuis Hydraulics and Dubuis Electrochemistry

  • 1989

    1st participation of DUBUIS at the Nepcon "International Connectivity Exhibition" in Los Angeles USA.

  • 1990

    Beginning of international relations with the Asian continent.

  • 1991

    Launch of the railway range.

  • 1993

    Creation of hydraulic tools for the sanitary field.

  • 1994

    Creation of the 12 V battery tool range.

  • 1999

    50% of the "tooling" turnover is achieved through exports to 30 countries worldwide, either directly or via specialised distributors with an exclusive distributor in each country.

  • 2001

    The company joins FACOM

  • 2002

    Creation of the 14.4 V and 18 V Ni-Cd battery tool range

  • 2005

    Release of the new hydraulic crimping tool D36.

  • 2006

    Integration of the company into the Stanley Hydraulics Group

  • 2008

    Output of the first hydraulic tool in line.

  • 2009

    Launch of a new range of 14.4 V and 18 V NiMh battery-powered tools

  • 2011

    Stanley Hydraulics Europe Division established.

  • 2012

    Launch of the 18 V Li-Ion and Stanley Hydraulic range.

  • 2014-2015

    Launch of the Stanley "V series", of the BGH700, new battery hydraulic power pack and of the BPE range, new battery-powered tools.

  • 2016

    New development of crimping tools for DeWalt
    Investment Turn-Mill Center = Bi-Spindle - Low double turret and swivel milling head - Magazine of 160 cutting tools.

  • 2018

    Launch of the ELEC INTELED range for STANLEY and DUBUIS
    Investment Turn-Mill Center = Bi-Spindle - Tri-Turret