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Torque Wrenches


A correct drilling and a correctly expanded earth bond are necessary to secure the long life of an electrical contact.
However, it is also essential to ensure that the nut, which holds the terminal onto the connection element, is tightened to the right torque value. This is why we offer you torque wrenches with a touch-sensitive and audible release at the adjusted value; these two signals enable easy working, even when tightening under high ambient noise or poor visibility conditions.
These torque wrenches reset automatically as soon as the force is released and are immediately ready for the next operation.
They are fitted with a vernier to improve accuracy of setting: readable and precise, this eliminates the risk of error. After setting, it remains locked in the set position and prevents accidental misadjustment.
These torque wrenches are fitted with a reversible ratchet but the calibrated release operates only in the tightening operation.
5-25 - Torque Wrenche

Torque wrench adjustable from 5 to 25 Nm (for thread M6 and M8)

20-100 - Torque Wrenche

Torque wrench adjustable from 20 to 100 Nm (for thread M10, M12 or M16)

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