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New neoelec range
XDH41 - Hydraulic kink-reover


The overhead contact wire may have deformations called “kinks”, the result of problems when unwinding the wire or through the use of pulling grips during servicing on the overhead wire. In order to ensure good contact between the contact wire and the pantograph, it is necessary that the contact wire should be straight. The hydraulic kink-remover, named XDH41, can be used with a 700 bar hydraulic group type GHA700 and makes it possible to give a straight line to the contact wire.
The kink-remover may be used on:
- 107 sqmm copper, copper-cadmium, copper-tin and copper-magnesium contact wires.
- 150 sqmm copper, copper-cadmium, copper-tin and copper-magnesium contact wires.

CEH - Hydraulic nut breaker

This nut breaker, developed by Dubuis especially for catenary works, permits to break up in a few seconds all nut splitter from M8 to M12.

OGDP - Dropper claws setting and removing tool

The OGDP is an hydraulic tool for the setting and removing of dropper claws or radius rod claws.

VHIS - Tool for setting and removing section insulator


Driven from a 700 Bar hydraulic source, the hydraulic setting tool for insulator of contact wire section, VHIS, enables a 25000 volts section type insulator to be fitted and removed; it is ideally used with the GHA700 battery-operated hydraulic group.

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